About me

If asked to describe my experience with a shark underwater, it would be way easier to describe that than to introduce myself. As we grow up introducing self becomes harder due to the complexities added to who you are.
In simple words, I am Yasasvi Mehta from the dream city of Mumbai, India. An introverted extrovert, I am a firm believer in feminism and climate change. I also happen to have unconditional love for whales and origami.
I am currently studying my Master of Journalism at the University of British Columbia. I have an array of work experience, ranging from being a graphic designer to being a producer.   
While working as a producer, I realized that is what I want to do. I love being in a newsroom with all the adrenaline of putting out content in time and making sure it is devoid of any mistakes. 
I’m devoted to working on deadlines and I tend to push myself to deliver the best. I am a victim of perfection. I strive to deliver the best by putting my heart and soul into something.
All in all, I am a bundle of optimism and I believe that despite all the bad, there is still something good left in this world.

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